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The Music School of Tàrrega, recognized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, is a public center owned by the municipality where non-regulated musical lessons are taught.


The musical offer is organized around individual and collective musical practice, encouraging participation in instrumental and vocal groups.


Students can study there from the age of 3 and without age limit. 


Pedagogical and cultural objectives of the music school:


  • Conceive musical teaching-learning at the service of the comprehensive training of people, taking into account the undeniable socializing values of music.

  • Facilitate basic musical learning tools to develop in students the autonomy necessary to make music at an amateur level, enhancing instrumental and vocal groups

  • Guide and facilitate preparation for access to professional studies, to students with an interest and ability.

  • Promote musical groups which link the music school with the social environment of the municipality of Tàrrega and the region of Urgell, as well as performances, exchanges and meetings to project it abroad.



Presentation: A school for everyone

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