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Musical Awareness Workshops

Q3 – Q4 – Q5


Musical education at the Tàrrega Municipal School of Music starts from the age of 3. In this stage, music is worked on through auditory education and recognition, body expression and, also, the execution of rhythms and melodies using Orff instruments. In this way, we help children develop their musical abilities. Some of the key concepts that are worked on in this stage are thepulse, theRhythmand thesound qualities; intensity, duration, pitch and timbre.


In our children's workshops for P3, P4 and P5, we make good the words of the pedagogue Émile Jacques Dalcroze (Vienna, 1865 - Switzerland, 1950), who affirmed that "(...) the first instrument is the human body, since the basis of musical art has its origin in human emotions".So, according to Dalcroze, it was not enough to train the mind, the ear or the voice, but the human body in its entirety had to be trained, since it contained within itself the essence of the development of sensitivity, the analysis of sound, music and feelings.

Dedication: 45 minutes per week

Teachers: Lana Kovačević, Cristina Marimon

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